Kartell K-Therm 15mm Angled TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Normal price – £7.99

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE – £5.99 kartelltrv

The Kartell K-Therm TRV will provide thermostatic temperature control over individual radiators in a room. With a liquid filled sensor these energy efficient devices will automatically adjust the flow of water into your radiator, creating your ideal temperature. With fully reversible flow bodies, these TRV’s can be fitted either on the flow or return of the radiator and any orientation (horizontal or vertical) to provide you with a practical, flexible product.








– 15mm
– Fully Reversible
– Liquid filled sensor
– Energy efficient
– Suitable for new systems or upgrading existing installations
– Designed to blend with any decor
– Provides years of reliable service
– Adjustable tailpiece aids simple installation
– Positive locking of sensor to body
-10mm reducing kit included
– Approved to EN 215

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